– EN Fashion – Stella McCartney’s latest effort to ease the environmental impact of the heavily polluting fashion industry has seen her team up with Google.
The vegan designer is known for her dedication to sustainability, and she’s worked hard within her own company to invent new materials which lessen the fashion footprint.
Now she’s joined forces with Google on the tech giant’s new mission: to determine the environmental impact of producing cotton and viscose through data processing.
Former Gucci vice president of retail, Maria McClay, realised Google could help educate in the fight for fashion sustainability soon after joining the technology firm.
“What came up time and time again was data. I thought to myself, ‘wow, we have this team, the Google Cloud team,’ and essentially what they do is they stitch together data,” she told Business of Fashion.
As well as bringing McCartney on board, fashion innovation consultancy Current Global is also playing a key role in the new project, which will be unveiled on Wednesday at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, the industry’s annual sustainability gathering.
From there, they will be asking brands, manufacturers, non-profit organisations, academics and others to supply relevant data points.
The hope is to develop tools which will give brands a clearer view into their supply chain
“It’s a call to action … trying to get the fashion brands and people with data that’s very close to the source to work with us,” said Ian Pattison, Google Cloud’s UK head of engineering for retail customers. “We really want to … bring that data together, and put it in one place and make it visible to everybody.”