– EN Star Style – Rebel Wilson didn’t venture to a nail salon for a manicure until she was 25.
The Australian actress has risen to fame for her comedic performances in films like Bridesmaids and the Pitch Perfect franchise. While Rebel is a major Hollywood name, she has now revealed in an interview with U.S. InStyle magazine that she never had any real interest in undergoing beauty treatments until she was in her mid-twenties.
“I had friends whose mothers told them to always be put together and to look a certain way when you leave the house. I was the complete opposite. No one in my family went to the beauty salon,” she told the publication. “I didn’t even get my nails done until I was 25. It took my best friend Nick looking at my feet one day and going, ‘You should maybe do something about your nails,’ for me to realise that I should go to a nail salon. Now I’m obsessed with going. I’m there every two weeks.”
In recent years, Rebel has upped her fashion game too, often stepping out on the red carpet in custom-made ensembles from Givenchy designer Clare Waight Keller. With her own fashion and footwear lines in the works too, the star is focused on maintaining her appearance.
“I’ve kind of grown into my looks. Or maybe I’m just taking a bit more pride in my appearance now, which I think is a positive thing because I was too far the other way before. I was like, ‘I’ll just wear this baseball cap.’ I’m still like that sometimes, but, particularly when you’re dating, you do need to pay attention,” the 39-year-old insisted.