– EN Showbiz – Michelle Williams has recalled how she once had a family of mice living in her car.
The My Week with Marilyn actress joined her longtime friend Busy Philipps on her talk show Busy Tonight on Thursday night (07Feb19), and the host divulged to the audience that while Michelle is generally a tidy person, her car is “trashy”.
While the star hesitated for a second, she went on to remember a time when her Prius was infested with vermin, back when her 13-year-old daughter Matilda, who she had with late actor Heath Ledger, was small.
“I’m a Virgo, except for when it comes to my car. I just don’t care that much about cars at all, so it is very accessorised with belongings. What had happened was, it had just been Easter time and I looked in the backseat of the car and I was like, ‘Wow, what a mess, there’s eggshells and half-eaten eggs, half-eaten eggshells of the eggs.’ I hadn’t realised yet,” she remembered. “And then I looked down and was like, ‘Wow the car is getting like maximally dirty now, there’s like branches and twigs and things.’ And then (I realised), ‘No, no, no, those are turds!’ And I noticed that a hole had been chewed through the seat and mice had been living in there and eating the Easter eggs.”
Michelle went on to explain that she screamed loudly when she realised what had happened, grabbed Matilda from her car seat, and called her friend Dan Estabrook for advice. And while the 38-year-old has had other vehicles since then, she is still “haunted” by the incident.
Elsewhere in the chat, Busy and Michelle spoke about how they became friends on the set of TV show Dawson’s Creek, which ran from 1998 until 2003. The pair also shared sweet messages that they had penned for each other, with Busy tearing up while reading her pal’s gushing note.