– EN Fashion – Alessandra Ambrosio used her experiences as both a model and a mother when it came to creating her debut bikini line GAL Floripa.
The former Victoria’s Secret Angel has teamed up with her sister Aline Ambrosio and best friend Gisele Coria to create the brand, the first collection of which is titled “Galactic Sun”.
Garments include one-pieces, triangle tops, bandeaus and bottoms in either a more modest high-waisted cut or a flesh-flashing Brazilian style – all in sun-safe “super soft Lycra”.
And in designing the pieces, Alessandra turned to her own life and thought about what she wanted in her swimwear.
“Now I’m a mom and when I go to the beach, I’m running around with my kids. So, I definitely want something that will stay in place and give me mobility,” she told Fashionista.com. “Obviously with Victoria’s Secret, they are a beautiful, sexy brand. (So, our line) needs to have that sexy element and I love that because, to me, we can always use that in our favour… We tried to create shapes that will show your body in the best way so you will feel good and comfortable.”
While many of Alessandra’s fans have praised her for turning her attention to designing, others have criticised GAL Floripa for coming in such limited sizes – with the smallest a U.S. size zero to two (U.K. size four to six) and the largest a size eight to 10 (U.K. size 12 to 14). And with 68 per cent of women in America wearing a size 14 (U.K. size 18) or bigger, the line is cutting out a significant market by catering to smaller women.
However, Alessandra insisted that they do want to introduce bigger sizes in the future – but are just starting out small to test the water.
“We’re a small brand, so we want to test everything (first),” she explained. “We want to make sure everything is in a perfect state and, for sure, the plans are to expand on the sizes and on the shapes. Hopefully, everything will go the way we want and we’re working hard to make that happen.”