– EN Star Style – A$AP Rocky speaks his truth about sex in Calvin Klein’s new #MyTruth campaign.
Recruiting an A-list line-up of music stars, actors and models for the new advertising push, the all-American brand has asked its latest campaign stars to share their truth in videos shot by Jonas Lindstroem.
In his clip, A$AP is surrounded by flames as he tells the camera: “Growing up in New York City, I live life on the edge. So when it comes to sex, it ain’t no different than the streets. Keep that s**t hot baby.”
In a second video he simply states: “A$AP. A$AP. You ask my truth in two words, well that’s easy. A$AP Rocky.”
The 30-year-old rapper has been a part of the Calvin Klein family since late 2017. Other stars to join him in the newest campaign include Billie Eilish, Troye Sivan, Shawn Mendes, Noah Centineo, Indya Moore, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid.
In a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before star Noah explained what truth means to him.
“Sometime, the greatest thing standing in our way, is our reflection,” the 23-year-old said. “I feel like truth is… when I was really young, we were driving the car going to Disney, and my dad he said something that I take with me to this day, it’s that truth is relative. And even science, we create these new laws, we find these new laws, but then they get disproven the following year or the year after that
“So what is truth? It’s a great question, I don’t think I can really answer it; it’s a very personal thing. I think truth is presence, being in a moment with someone. I think truth is standing up for what you believe in.”
For music’s hottest new star Billie, 17, she says she sometimes finds it “way easier” to share through music, while 20-year-old Shawn summed truth up as “a 24/7 daily thing that’s always changing”.