– EN Showbiz – Actress and dancer Julianne Hough can’t relate to stereotypes of backstabbing women, because her girl squad is nothing but supportive.
The Footloose star, who has older three sisters, counts Vanessa Hudgens, Aaron Paul’s wife Lauren and Nina Dobrev as some of her closest celebrity friends, and she relishes her relationships with women.
“I have lots of sisters and I have lots of girlfriends,” Julianne told POPSUGAR. “There’s nothing like a good set of girlfriends that hold each other accountable where we don’t feed into each other’s problems. We actually call each other out when we can do better and also, we have fun.”
Julianne appreciates the quality time she is able to share with her pals in between their busy schedules and she won’t waste a minute engaging in any type of negative behaviour when she’s hanging out with her best buddies.
“There’s such a key element that, when we get together, we’re not going to sit around and b**ch and gossip,” the Rock of Ages star explained. “We’re going to have the most fun we can have and be so grateful for our female friendships.
“That is a huge thing. When we’re together we just have as much fun as possible. And then when we leave each other, we really listen to each other and we don’t feed each other’s negativity. We push each other to have a different perspective and push each other to find a different answer versus the one that we feel.”
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